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Right in the middle, not just on the sidelines!

We Sarner are a celebration and enterprising people. Whether traditional folk festivals, lifestyle culinary or sports events: we are always up for fun. In order not to miss the hottest events and to be always up to date, we have listed the social must-haves. So please do not be shy, we love party animals!

29th November - 22nd Dezember 2019

Alpine Advent Sarntal

Sarentino/Sarnthein village centre

The Alpine Advent event in the picturesque Sarentino Valley harks back to Christmas as it once was, characterising this peaceful and calm period of the year. The old Sarner customs are brought to life with skilled handicrafts, which have died out elsewhere, such as quill embroidery on leather, turning and weaving, along with traditional culinary specialities such as sweet Krapfen (pastries), Strauben and Striezl.
Christmas carol singing, Christmas concerts and horse-drawn sleigh rides amid the snowy landscape provide the ideal atmosphere for the joyful anticipation of the great festivity.



05th-19th December 2019

Klöckeln - a pre Christian custom

In a valley in which dialect and garb are still alive, it is not unusual that its tradition is thoroughly cultivated. The „Klöckeln“,is a pre-Christian custom practised the first weeks of December and has an old tradition.

5. December 2019
12. December 2019
19. December 2019



27th December 2019 - 28th February 2020

Sunrise on the Saddle

Ride with the aerial tram from the valley station to the Saddle at 2,460 meters above sea-level. Then you can enjoy a hearty breakfast at one of our huts. Meeting place: Valley station of the aerial tram. Starting time (depending upon date) between 5:30 a.m. and 6:15 a.m.

27. December 2019
3. January 2020
28. February 2020

10th-11th January and 07th-08th February 2020

Moonshine tobboganing

Night owls can hop aboard the aerial tram from 7:00 p.m. till 9:30 p.m. and ride up to 2,100 meters above sea-level for a hearty meal and merry celebrations at the huts.