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Winter holiday in Reinswald, Sarntal Valley. Ski vacation right on the slopes.

Hotel on the ski slopes in Trentino-Alto Adige

Do you dream of a holiday at a hotel on the slopes in Trentino-alto Adige, but ski lifts are not for you? Then put on mountaineering skis, make the first tracks on the fresh snow and conquer the whitewashed peaks in the embrace of the total silence. When you reach your goal, congratulate yourself ... you did it!

Our advice: we suggest a tour on the Sattele (2,461 m).

Night sledding!

Do you love sledding? Then listen up! Once a month, on the 4.5km track at Reinswald, the spotlights go on. It’s time for moonlight sledding! The cable car for small and large sleds will be open from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.

A passion for cross-country skiing!

If your heart beats for cross country skiing, Val di Pennes awaits you! From Riobianco to Asten, passing through Pennes, there is a perfectly groomed, medium-difficulty, 19 km-long trail. During the journey through the snowy landscapes, you will encounter the typical mountain farms called masi.

Just you and the snow

Have you ever had the pleasure of exploring the pristine winter scenery, accompanied only by the crunch of the snow under your feet? Walking along lightly trodden paths, immersed in a misty atmosphere, catching sight of ice crystals and traces of the extraordinary inhabitants of the woods? Your snowshoe adventure will be made even more memorable by pleasant stops in mountain huts, where you can fill up on energy and taste the delicious Strauben (funnel cake) ...

Dancing on ice

Come and experience a unique sensation! The sun on your face, the ice under your feet and snow as far as the eye can see: at Lake Valdurna, you can glide on the ice or cultivate your passion for hockey on the smooth surface of 13 hectares.