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Gourmet hotel in South Tyrol

Dining in Val Sarentino

Do you have a refined palate, and would you call yourself a gourmet? Then get ready! In the "San Martin" restaurant we will show you how a resident of the Sarentino Valley dines. You can look forward to tasty and genuine dishes, often reinterpreted in an innovative way, but always according to South Tyrolean style. We propose tender, juicy and above all, local meat, with the finest vegetables from our garden, spring water and fine wine of the area as an accompaniment. In other words, we will delight you with local rather than global cuisine.

Be yourself

Faithful to this motto, we ask you to let us know your culinary requests right away. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or if you want gluten or lactose-free dishes, our team has one goal: to satisfy your palate. Try it for yourself!

From the spring to the glass

Water is life. At the Panoramic Lodge, we draw this elixir from a spring-fed source above San Martino. So you can drink in the pure essence of the mountain.

Weekly pleasures

Typical specialities, local dishes and Mediterranean flavours: our weekly culinary programme, made up of a four-course à la carte menu, encourages you to try something new. We will take you on a journey of aromas and flavour explosions, and surprise you with themed evenings, buffet dinners and finger food.

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