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Local products from the Val Sarentino

That unmistakable Sarentino character!

In Val Sarentino, our unique and flavourful cuisine is a product of our values: passion, perseverance and respect for ancient traditions. From honey to speck, to cheese - coming from animals bred in total freedom and nourished with care -, we offer only the highest quality ingredients. Another tempting delicacy is the gourmet chocolate of the Oberhöller family, always infusing their delicious creations with new ideas. Extraordinary, creative and authentic, exactly like the spirit of the inhabitants of Val Sarentino.

Oberhöller-Finest Gourmet Chocolate

From pastry to chocolate manufacturing:
After training as a pastry chef in South Tyrol and subsequent specializations at the Swiss school Richemont, Toni Oberhöller was an ice cream and pastry maker in iconic hotels in South Tyrol and Trentino. In 1988 he founded the family business, the Pasticceria Oberhöller in Sarentino with his wife Paula, focusing on the creation of classic cakes, pastries and desserts.

The birth of an alpine delight: In 2007, during an excursion in the Sarentino Mountains, the distinctive scent of the mountain pine, a conifer typical of this alpine area, captivated Toni so much that he was stimulated to enhance his desserts with this appealing aroma. This first inspiration was followed by experiments with the most varied raw materials, up to the development of an absolutely innovative product, conceived from the combination of fine dark chocolate and Sarentino mountain pine.
This chocolate bar, rich in alpine notes, soon became the most requested product in their pastry shop. The next step came naturally: making other chocolate delights, always with the finest ingredients from South Tyrol. Their chocolate bars and pralines, always in great demand, were now sold alongside their classic pastry products.

100 percent chocolate...
In May 2010, the Oberhöller family made the bold decision to close the pastry shop to devote themselves solely to the processing and production of chocolate. In order to satisfy the great demand for new products, their son Michael also started working in the family business. The assortment is constantly being expanded, and so, over the years, many other varieties of chocolate, pralines, spreads and filled chocolates have been added.
In 2016, in October, the laboratory changed location and the new store in Sarentino was inaugurated, another important milestone for the Oberhöller family. In this way they can produce enough product to meet the growing demand, and Toni and Michael Oberhöller have the space necessary to devote themselves to the development of new products and bean-to- bar chocolate, where every phase of the production takes place inside the Oberhöller shop- from roasting of the beans to refining.

Cheese from the "Hinterproslhof" (Neighbour farm)

The farm is located on the edge of the forest, surrounded by meadows and woods with a splendid view of the surrounding mountains. The young farmers Eva and Georg have realized their dream with their dairy farm and the Almschank mill of San Martino and manage the enterprise with heart and soul. Their cows’ milk is transformed daily into high quality cheese all year long. At the small Hinterprosl farm, you can taste the cheese before you buy.

The assortment of cheeses:

- Mountain cheese
- Hard cheese
- Soft cheeses
- Cream cheese with chives
- Pasta filata ( stretch curd )cheeses
- Soft goat cheese

Also takeaway:
- Fresh cow milk
- Yogurt
- Eggs
- Bread, jams
- Fruit juices

Farmer products from the "Afingsbruckhof"

Afingsbruckhof farm lies at 600m on the southern side of the municipality of Sarntal valley. Thanks to its protected position, a variety of fruit, vegetables and rare varieties thrive here, which are then made into tasty jams, cordials, pickled vegetables and pestos. In addition, honey and fresh quail eggs are produced on the farm.

The assortment:

Fruit cordials
Blackberry, raspberry, elderflower, red and blackcurrants, jostaberries, red gooseberries, lemon balm, mint


Fruit jams

Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, yellow raspberry, white, red and blackcurrant, jostabery, gooseberry, cranberry); chestnut spread


 Sauces and pickles

Chillies, gherkins, peppers, beetroot, onions, apple purée, fig mostarda, vegetable antipasti, sauerkraut, bear's garlic pesto, tomato sauce, Jerusalem artichoke spread

Sausages from the organic-farm-"Rabensteiner" in Mules/ Sarntal Valley

The organic farm produces high-quality fresh meat from veal, young cattle, ox, pigs and sheep. The calves grow up in the mother cow herd where they stay for about 10 - 11 months and during this time they are fed by the mother cow and eat the fresh hay like all other animals. This attitude is particularly animal-friendly, you can see that the cow and calf feel particularly comfortable. The animals spend around 150 days outdoors and on the alpine pastures, the rest of the year they are pampered by us in the new, bright playpen with exercise.

The meat packages: They are available in different sizes: 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg or 15 kg contain the desired amount of meat, cut to size, vacuumed and labeled and each one of your preparation recipes. The meat packages consist of: Roast beef, goulash, goulash soup, plate meat, minced meat, fillet, house sausages, grilled sausages, tartare prepared on request.

"Sarner Speck"

The particular blend of aromas, handed down according to the old farmer’s recipe, and the smoking with aromatic and healthy conifer woods (mountain pine and juniper) give it the original and unmistakable flavour. The speck is matured within six months in the mountain air of the Sarntal Valley.

Sarner apple juice from the "Martertal"

Martertal is a farm at 1000 metres above sea level in the Sarentino area, which entered the farm register as a so-called “closed farm”. In addition to the residential and agricultural structures, Martertal also includes forest areas, meadows, pastures, a chestnut grove, a modern orchard and a historic orchard. Golden Delicious apples have been grown in the Marter valley for 20 years. Apples reach full maturity here in mid-October exactly 1000 metres above sea level. The Martertal mountain apples have an incomparable flavour that can’t compare with the apples of the valley.

Honey from the apiary "Kemenater"

Albert Kemenater's beekeeping in the hamlet of Auen in the Sarentino valley produces various types of natural honey.

Albert takes care of his bees with lots of love and passion.

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