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Gourmet breakfast

Rise and shine!

We think your appetite should come first.  Indulge… but don’t worry, we will only offer you wholesome, fresh and seasonal products coming from our region. Even at breakfast. The varied buffet is a delight, first for the eyes, and then for your taste buds. Don’t miss our homemade specialities. Just one look at the mouth-watering selection will put a spring in your step...


Fresh fruit, lovely jams, yogurt, muesli, homemade cakes and freshly baked bread are the notes of a symphony of flavours that will win you over. Then, of course you have your choice of espresso, macchiato and cappuccino. Do you want a smoothie? Done! If you want to have breakfast like a true Sarner, then we recommend speck, cheese and eggs from our trusted farmers. As you can see, we like to start the day full of energy!

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