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Right in the middle, not just on the sidelines!

We Sarner are a celebration and enterprising people. Whether traditional folk festivals, lifestyle culinary or sports events: we are always up for fun. In order not to miss the hottest events and to be always up to date, we have listed the social must-haves. So please do not be shy, we love party animals!

The Panoramic Lodge

3rd Aperitivo Lungo

Thursday, 19th September 2019
7:30 PM to 11 PM


12€ per person



24th August 2019

Road Up Hill-Race Gran Prix Penser Joch

Road Up Hill Race from Astfeld to the Penser Joch.



31st August - 02nd September 2019

Mundane celebration "Sarner Kirchtag"

The Sarner people – unique in character and language

“Aa söü!” (ach so! - meaning “oh, really?”) is the Sarner way of expressing interest or wonder, and with this they usually evoke bewilderment and curiosity among outsiders. For a typical Sarner is inimitable. They are well-known throughout South Tyrol for their sharp wit, and their instinctive astuteness is celebrated in countless ‘Sarner jokes’.

They love their valley and its cultural treasure trove. The Sarner dialect has survived in its original, distinctive form with melodious, sonorous endings, usually finishing with an ‘a’ or ‘aar’. The dialect is a much satirised characteristic beyond the valley’s borders and appears to others at the same time coarse and sublime. In addition, the vowel sounds and words vary considerably from place to place. Church-goers on the village squares of Sarnthein, Pens and Durnholz meet together after Sunday Mass and ‘hoangartn’, or ‘chat’. One of the best occasions to become familiar with the Sarner dialect is at South Tyrol’s best known and largest annual fair, the ‘Sarner Kirchtag’ which takes place each year on the first weekend in September.



14th September 2019

Mundane celebration of the Putzer Kreuz and alpin festival



13th-14th September 2019

Speed Hilclimbing race

3° Edition 20 years The Hillclimbers speed hillclimbing.



Hiking with guide in the Sarentino Mountains

Hiking with guide in the mountains of Sarntal.