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28th June until 07th July 2019

Jazz Festival Südtirol

On 28 June 2019, the opening ceremony will take place in the Casa della Cultura ‘Waltherhaus’ in Bolzano with an exclusive concert. The event will feature interesting musicians from this edition’s countries, Spain and Portugal, as well as ‘guests’ from Mexico and The Netherlands.

Just a few clicks on the festival’s website will give you all the information you need for ticket-only concerts, their prices, and all the available discounts. Individual tickets as well as passes for the entire festival can be purchased online or at the tills at the Teatro Comunale in Bolzano.

After the opening ceremony in the Waltherhaus, another 57 concerts will take place across the entire region until 7 July. Some enticing stages will make their first appearance on the Festival’s programme this summer such as BASIS, an innovation and entrepreneurial centre in Silandro, the Natural Science Museum in Bolzano, the La Perla Hotel in Corvara, the Castel d’Appiano, the Alperia hydroelectric power station in Bressanone, the Ost West Country Club in the Marconi Park in Merano or the new Cantina Bolzano building. As if this weren’t enough, the Festival will feature other debutants in the shape of hut concerts at the Monte Spico in Campo Tures and a jazz excursion to the Ansitz Velseck in Tires. Beautiful locations for one-of-a-kind musical experiences. In other words, New Sounds – Fresh Perspectives. 



Every Wednesday from the 24th July until the 21st August 2019

"Sarner Virwitzmitte"

A very special evening of entertainment, held every Wedneday in Sarentino Village.



The Panoramic Lodge

2nd Aperitivo Lungo

Thursday, 25th July 2019
8 PM to 11 PM

Music by

12€ per person




26th until 28th July 2019

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace

Extreme Running Race along the high mountain trail “HUFEISENTOUR” in the Sarntaler Alps.

The Südtirol Ultra Skyrace is an extreme running race that extends through mountainous areas in the Sarntaler Alps, on an extremely varied circuit running along the high mountain trail “Hufeisentour”. In a number of sections, the circuit requires sure footing, freedom from dizziness and - above all - excellent psycho-physical condition. The race is run on a 121 km circuit with a di erence in altitude of 7,554 m. It's the longest and most demanding extreme race in South Tyrol.

The athletes can choose also two shorter circuits, such as the Südtirol Skyrace (69 km and 3.930 climb) and the Südtirol Sky Marathon (42,2 km and 2.863 climb).



10th August 2019

Have fun on the hut Chrust-Gepatsch

Have fun in the hiking area Reinswald/San Martino in the Sarntal Valley.



14th August 2019

"Viech schoadn" at Reinswald

"Viech schoadn" at the Getrumalm. The livestock put out to pasture at the high-altitude meadows are brought back down to the lower meadows. A special day for the farmers - a special day for everyone.

31st August - 02nd September 2019

Mundane celebration "Sarner Kirchtag"

The Sarner people – unique in character and language

“Aa söü!” (ach so! - meaning “oh, really?”) is the Sarner way of expressing interest or wonder, and with this they usually evoke bewilderment and curiosity among outsiders. For a typical Sarner is inimitable. They are well-known throughout South Tyrol for their sharp wit, and their instinctive astuteness is celebrated in countless ‘Sarner jokes’.

They love their valley and its cultural treasure trove. The Sarner dialect has survived in its original, distinctive form with melodious, sonorous endings, usually finishing with an ‘a’ or ‘aar’. The dialect is a much satirised characteristic beyond the valley’s borders and appears to others at the same time coarse and sublime. In addition, the vowel sounds and words vary considerably from place to place. Church-goers on the village squares of Sarnthein, Pens and Durnholz meet together after Sunday Mass and ‘hoangartn’, or ‘chat’. One of the best occasions to become familiar with the Sarner dialect is at South Tyrol’s best known and largest annual fair, the ‘Sarner Kirchtag’ which takes place each year on the first weekend in September.



Hiking with guide in the Sarentino Mountains

Hiking with guide in the mountains of Sarntal.