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Sport and wellness hotel in South Tyrol

A cult experience!

During an aperitif, you easily lose sight of time. What would summer be without a refreshing outdoor drink? The best place for this is Bolzano, South Tyrol's capital, 25 minutes away. In addition to walking under the porticos and along the Talvera, you can enjoy a peculiar blend between Hugo and Heavy Metal. It’s true! The archaeological museum, made famous by the iceman Ötzi, offers a cult appointment during the summer season.

Men of stone

Many myths and legends revolve around these mysterious figures. Called "Stoanernde Mandln" by the locals, it is said that here, at 2,000 meters of altitude, they celebrated witches. Fall under the spell of this magical place in the Sarentino Alps!

With the tandem paraglider over the Sarner Valley

The dream of flying is without doubt part of human history.
Who has not yet dreamed of gliding high above meadows, treetops and houses - as silent and gentle as a bird?
The only thing you can feel is the wind in your face.

To experience the purest form of flying:

We make it possible and take off with you!

The lake is the new sea

We will say it again: the sea is old news! Prepare your fishing gear and head for Valdurna Lake at 1,545 meters above sea level. After spending relaxing moments on this beautiful lake, you can enjoy a pleasant walk around it in one hour. The water is too cold for swimming. You don’t believe it? Well, dip your finger in and let us know…

Night sledding!

Do you love sledding? Then listen up! Once a month, on the 4.5km track at Reinswald, the spotlights go on. It’s time for moonlight sledding! The cable car for small and large sleds will be open from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.

A passion for cross-country skiing!

If your heart beats for cross country skiing, Val di Pennes awaits you! From Riobianco to Asten, passing through Pennes, there is a perfectly groomed, medium-difficulty, 19 km-long trail. During the journey through the snowy landscapes, you will encounter the typical mountain farms called masi.

Dancing on ice

Come and experience a unique sensation! The sun on your face, the ice under your feet and snow as far as the eye can see: at Lake Valdurna, you can glide on the ice or cultivate your passion for hockey on the smooth surface of 13 hectares.

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