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The 4 star hotel The Panoramic Lodge in Sarntal Valley - South Tyrol (Italy)

Be a real Sarner
Be a guest in the Panoramic Lodge

We Care of you! Keep safe!
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Admit it: you can feel the call of the mountain! We can, too. Even though we live in the heart of the Sarentino Alps, we never get tired of it. In our 4-star superior hotel in Bolzano and surroundings, you can feed your passion for hiking. We’ll make your stay perfect with all the pleasures of a vacation, and we will charm you with our down-to-earth attitude. We love to be direct, informal, and let you be the centre of attention, to participate, not just watch.

The Panoramic Lodge is our high altitude "haven" and since we Sarners love to socialize, making you feel at home is second-nature to us…


Who needs long, crowded beaches and the sea when you can have sparkling mountain lakes, stunning flowering meadows and majestic peaks all for yourself? People of the Sarentino Valley like us have a unique character, not unlike the kaleidoscopic nature that surrounds us. Whether you are walking or riding a bike, you can take in so many awe-inspiring landscapes. Come visit us and see for yourself! A tan can fade but your memories won’t…

Tradition meets Lifestyle

„Griass di“, that‘s how we greet each other in Sarentino Valley. This exclamation expresses the true authenticity of the territory, lived tradition meets modern lifestyle. Not only linguistical, also cultural. We are proud of our roots, cultivate old customs and complement them with new influences from all over the world. Essentially, the mixture is what counts and the more colorful the world, the better is life!

Just to be clear...

Want all the details? Here they are!

  • 4-star hotel
  • 1,500 m altitude
  • 1,000 m² of panoramic windows
  • 25-minute drive from Bolzano
  • 100 steps from the lifts of the Reinswald skiing and hiking area
  • 30 rooms and suites
  • 200 km of trails at your doorstep
  • 500 km of paths to explore the Sarentino Valley
  • 350 m² Rooftop spa (jacuzzi, saunas, infra-red cabin, heated loungers, quiet rooms), Sky fitness room with Technogym equipment and indoor swimming pool with panoramic views
  • 36° C / 97 ° F in the whirlpool on the roof
  • 13 meter long heated pool, 30° C/86° F with waterbeds


The Panoramic Lodge is the perfect winter location. Wonder why? Simple: it’s just 100 steps from the Reinswald ski area. Here, you can unleash your passion for skiing and snowboarding, whiz down the Europa Cup slopes, or enjoy a thrilling hiking experience in the embrace of snow-capped landscapes. What are you waiting for? Let's do this!